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Our First Grand Tour

rbrown276 said:
Has anyone know of a SSR MEET IN THE NORTHEAST???????????????? say NY or NJ
HI All,

Try to remember to keep your calendar open for the 3rd week in August. We are in the planning stages to have our first SSRfanatic's Grand Tour. The tour of the LCC (Lansing Craft Centre) SSR Plant located in Lansing, Michigan. There will be a select number of us, who will be officially invited to meet up somewhere in Michigan and then proceed to caravan to the SSR Plant. I will keep you posted as to when more information will be available and how we will select the size of our tour group. Hopefully it would be followed up with another great tour at the GM Heritage Center. The finale would then be taking time to experience the 11th Annual Woodward Dream Cruise on Saturday, August 20th, 2005. We will be able to participate in what has been called the grand daddy of all cruises "The Woodward Dream Cruise."

There are lists of concerts and car shows that will line the Woodward strip for the estimated 1.7 million car fans expected to be at the 11th annual event along that 16-mile stretch on Saturday August 20, 2005.

Below is one of the links to read up on the Woodward Dream Cruise events.
Woodward Dream Cruise Link:
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