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Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to all the other SSR owners out there. I hope all of you are as pleased as I am with my new SSR. I look forward to each new day to be able to get behind the wheel of my SSR and just drive! First new car I've owned in years that brings a smile to my face each and every time I drive it. Have a safe and happy holiday and enjoy your new ride!

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Happy Holidays

Also wanted to wish all fellow SSR owners and owners to be a happy holiday season. Actually took mine out for a short ride this morning after it sat for 2 weeks in my garage, then spent 1 hour hosing it off. Can't wait till spring.


Merry Christmas To Everyone!

Gonna take a cruise from Greensboro, NC to Cherokee, NC tomorrow -suppose to be great weather this weekend for this time of the year- still watching for other SSR's in this area.

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Here's wishin all the GUESTS who are reading this today

a MERRY CHRISTMAS and wish that you all would sign up

and let us know what your thinking about the SSR or us


It is a very cold and windy day here in Las Vegas...

25 to 30 mph gusts and may be raining before the day is

over.. Wish I was back home in Hawaii. "Mele Kalikimaka"

Your ladyinred,:angel


P.S. A special Hello to" Devossr "who came out from Rochester

Mn. to test drive my SSR..Was great to meet another fanatic

like myself...waiting for your post.

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Merry Christmas from KY

As one of the newest SSR owners it's nice to have such a special present that will continue to prove a great gift for miles to come. Just passed 300 miles and the weekend seems promising to get through the breakin period. Still have only seen my Black Beauty on the street. Only other I've seen was in FL last month. Anyone else around Cincinnati, NKY??

Merry Christmas and a Great 2004 to y'all.

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