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This is not news to those who have installed it but if you have not yet, do so!!

I have had my SSR a bit over a year and driven it around Wyoming and Colorado on back, gravel roads (I live on one) and high speed interstates in the area.

In my opinion it handled well - for a truck - but had to admit it got knocked around somewhat on rough roads. I could live with it.

About a week ago, I installed Mike's SE Front Frame Stiffener on my 2005 SSR. It is a 6.0 Auto in silver.

After installing the frame stiffener, I took it out for about 100 miles of driving - over a range from back gravel roads to the 75 mph interstate in Wyoming.

What a difference! It is like a different vehicle. It handles so much better!

If there is only one thing you do to your SSR, install this!!

Like all of SE's great products, this one is great. Maybe the greatest!

Since it does not get super hot around here, I haven't yet had an urgent need to change the fan but I plan to do that in the next month or so when I have saved up the bucks.

It is supposed to go down to 8 below zero tonight so I am not too worried about engine overheating right now.
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