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Mine's here, # 2173 RLR

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After a long wait mine is finally here. Didn't post earlier, didn't want to jinx myself. Just got back from the dealer, just off the truck and still dirty. Sat in it and played around with it for awhile. Its going to be flatbedded to my house tomorrow, salt and stuff on the roads.

The first 2 dealers I was working with both stated MSRP, then after awhile wanted + 10K. Then found this great dealer, MSRP, and they even put up with me over the last year without getting annoyed. This car is more than I expected.

Going to be a problem not being able to drive it, maybe I'll just sleep in it.

Hello everyone.

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Congrats Bob - we SSR owners are indeed very fortunate to have purchased a piece of history in the making.

(Man, that sounded good to say we owners...)

Too bad the weather/roads are in such shape back there - but you'll get a ton of satisfaction when you do drive that thing.

Welcome to the club!
drbob, Don't know if you're a plastic surgeon (or even a doctor) but my wife says I may require your services to get this stupid grin off my face! Been this way for 12 days now. Perhaps it has something to do with the Redline Red SSR I took delivery of, on Nov.28. Enjoy your ride and get accustomed to drawing a big crowd, lots of questions, and lots of smiling faces!
Not a doctor, have worked in healthcare for 30 years and somehow got this nik, don't remember exactly where. As for the smile I think I'm going to keep mine, it goes well with the car.

:cool :cool :cool

Congrats to you. Welcome to the SSR owners club. I only had two weeks to enjoy my vehicle. It now sits peacefully tucked away in the garage waiting for spring. I took three years from the time I started to go for this SSR to get it, whats another three months???

I live in Northest PA, (1/4 mile from the NY border) where the SNOW is deep and the Highway crews try to use all the salt in one storm....

Don't worry, spring is not that far away.

By the way, what color did you get???
:grouphug :cheers Welcome to the "Smiley Club" Dr. Bob!!! I solved that surgical problem by giving my wife the keys and now we both have huge smiles.!!! Enjoy!
SSR290, I got the Redline Red (RLR). Your only about an Hour away from me if your anywhere near I81. Maybe we can get together for a little cruise in the spring/summer.
Can't wait to at least get it in my garage today.

I feel sorry for all you drivers up north.

The weather has been perfect down here for seven of the last 10 days (although we did use the heated seats after the sun went down.) Driving with the top down always gets a conversation started.

Of all the things I miss about Indiana, winter is NOT one of them.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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