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The Final Year

In what became its final year of production, SSR received another horsepower increase. The LS2 was rated at 400 bhp when mated to the additional cost 6 speed manual transmission, 395 when the automatic was specified. The rest of the truck remained unchanged mechanically. A new for 2006 two-tone exterior paint treatment was offered in seven variations, Pacific Blue was also added as a color choice, and a bright chrome interior/exterior trim package was one of several new options and regular production accessories that could be ordered.

On November 21, 2005 GM announced that the Lansing Craft Centre would be one of nine assembly facilites that would close as part of a "wide-ranging restructuring of its manufacturing operations." SSR production continued at lowered daily volumes through the GM holiday shut-down on December 23rd.

Due to the large number of unsold 2005 and 2006 SSRs that remained on dealer lots, the plant remained idle until February 15, 2006 when the first of the final 826 SSRs to be produced rolled off the assembly line. These final 826 units received a unique waterfall badge (pictured below) identifying them as being produced during the "Final Production Run".

The last SSR built, #24112, a fully optioned two-tone Smokin' Asphalt over Ricochet Silver six speed completed its roll test on March 17, 2006 as part of final production day ceremonies. This truck was retained by General Motors and added to their Heritage Collection where it resides today.
Total prodution for the 2006 model year was 2,809 units. Cick here for production detail.


Following text from 2006 Chevrolet SSR Press Announcement, 2006 Chevrolet Car Sales Consultant's Reference Guide, and 2006 GM Product Training Library Special Update (PUBLIC DOMAIN) Copyright © 2005 General Motors
NEW FOR 2006
  • Increased horsepower ratings of 395 hp for the LS2 with
    automatic transmission.
  • Increased horsepower ratings of 400 hp for the LS2 with
    manual transmission (an additional cost option).
  • EZ-Spec packaging creates new equipment groups –
    1SS, 2SS and 3SS.
  • 1SA is now 1SS
  • 1SB is now 2SS
  • 3SS is new for 2006 (includes 2SS equipment plus Satin Chromed running boards and Satin Chromed auxilary gauges (outside temperature, delivered torque and voltmeter).
  • New Bright Chrome Package available on 2SS and 3SS (includes exterior and interior trim pieces).
  • New Color-Keyed Package available with 3SS.
  • One new exterior color – Pacific Blue Metallic.
  • New Two-tone paint option available in seven configurations.
  • Outside temperature display added to DIC functions.
  • Running boards and auxiliary gauges now included in 3SS.
  • Customized floormats are now optional. Base floormats are no longer standard.
  • New Regular Production Accessories including bright hood blanket (underside of hood) with SSR logo, cargo organizer, soft side-saddle storage bags, upgraded towing package with soft side-saddle storage bags and pre-cut foam insert for Storing the trailer hitch and ball inside the bags
  • New accessories sold through the accessory catalog including Color-keyed bed strips, engine cover insert, auxiliary cup holder,
    rear license plate surround, cargo tie downs and shiftball cover for manual transmission
  • Drop-down storage lid removed from Cargo Compartment Trim
  • GM “Mark of Excellence” badge added to lower front fenders

To deliver Chevrolet's Total Value Pomise, 2006 SSR models have a lower retail price than the 2005 model -- $3190 lower! The Total Value Promise means more than just a great price. The emphasis is on the right product, the right packaging, and, of course, the right pricing.​

2006 SSR seen here in Pacific Blue.


When it comes to the Chevy SSR, the shy need not apply. This heritage-styled roadster pickup truck turns heads, garners thumbs-up and elicits smiles wherever it goes. After significant changes in 2005, including the introduction of the LS2 V-8 engine and available six-speed manual transmission, the SSR returns for ’06 with more power. A new intake manifold and revised calibrations help raise horsepower to 400 at 6000 rpm for models equipped with the available six-speed manual. SSR models equipped with the standard four-speed automatic deliver 395 horsepower at 5700 rpm. Torque is rated at 400 lb.-ft. at 4000 rpm for both manual- and automatic-transmission SSR models.

The '06 SSR also introduces new exterior color offerings. Pacific Blue Metallic has been added to the SSR’s palette, bringing the number of available exterior colors to six. Additionally, a custom-look two-tone paint scheme is available in seven different combinations. The paint scheme splits horizontally across the vehicle, starting at the hood cut line and extending around the body feature line that wraps around the cargo area. The transition between the two colors is feathered so smoothly that it appears as the same surface. Both colors have a clear coat applied that gives the two-tone finish a custom “one-off” appearance. Color-keyed interior components in all SSR models with the two-tone paint scheme will match the vehicle’s upper color. The two-tone exterior paint appearance reinforces the customized look of the vehicle, similar to the style of contemporary street rods.

SSR’s flared front fenders and quarter panels are formed using a blend of modern technology and some traditional methods used to produce the original 1947-1953 Advanced Design Chevy lineup of pickup trucks, which formed the inspiration for this unique modern-day muscle truck. The stamping process, for example, uses a unique method called “inverted toggle draw,” which combines the original toggle draw process and the more recent stretch draw concept. The use of new Grade 5 deep-draw quality steel enables these shapes to be formed without splitting.

Underneath its sleek exterior, SSR incorporates a body-on-frame construction, which is an upper steel unibody mounted on a boxed frame. Fully hydroformed steel side rails provide the frame with strength and stiffness, relatively low weight and precision fits. Eight cross members – as opposed to only four or six in similar frame designs – boost structural strength while contributing to a smooth ride, more precise handling and reduced noise and vibration levels.

The upper unibody helps support SSR’s retractable roof system, while minimizing the loss of structural integrity typically associated with convertibles by augmenting the stiffness of the entire vehicle with special cross members. SSR’s stiff frame and specifically tuned suspension provide a boulevard-cruiser ride, yet are responsive enough to handle the added horsepower of the LS2 V-8 while also delivering the durability levels expected in a truck.

The front suspension uses upper and lower control arms for superior kinematics, damping and stability, and works with SSR’s rack-and-pinion steering to provide precise control. SSR’s rear five-link live axle suspension, which uses monotube shock absorbers with mountings outboard of the frame, also provides improved body and wheel control. Steel coil springs and a micro cellular urethane auxiliary spring enhance ride comfort and stability during fully loaded conditions.

SSR models equipped with the automatic transmission have standard electronic traction control, an 8.6-inch rear axle, a Torsen differential and massive P295/40R20 rear tires that ensure power is delivered to the ground with exceptional traction and control. The Torsen differential, proven on performance cars, works seamlessly with the traction assist to maximize performance during strong acceleration or over varying road surfaces . The SSR with a manual transmission forgoes the traction control feature and utilizes a 9.5-inch rear axle with an Eaton heavy-duty limited-slip differential. Four-wheel vented disc brakes with ABS and dynamic rear proportioning provide SSR with outstanding stopping performance, and world-class levels of brake feel, wear resistance and low noise. The use of non-asbestos organic compound lining extends brake life to 40,000 miles, depending on vehicle use and payload.

A single button on the console transforms SSR from an enclosed hardtop to a convertible in less than 30 seconds, neatly tucking the roof panels rearward between the passenger compartment and cargo area. This unique vertical storage design system enables SSR to maintain its 22.5 cubic feet of cargo room – even with the top down.

Also new for '06 are several dealer-installed SSR accessories that have been designed and engineered by GM. The accessories include a bright hood blanket that mounts on the underside of the hood and features the SSR logo, as well as two integrated storage options: a cargo organizer and soft side-saddle storage bags. The cargo organizer attaches to the cargo area floor tracks and is removable. The soft side-saddle storage bags (the accessory includes two bags) are tethered to the cargo area side rails and are easily removed for loading.

Other new SSR accessories include: satin chrome and bright chrome sill plate covers; satin chrome pedal covers; vehicle care kit; reversible cargo area mat and a customized vehicle cover. Returning accessories include an engine cover insert, cargo area strips (available in all vehicle colors, as well as satin chrome) and a cockpit windbreak. Auxiliary gauges and running boards are available for vehicles not originally equipped with them from the factory.

Other accessories and accessory packages include: an auxiliary gauge package (volts, delivered torque, exterior temperature), a body color package, which adds the exterior color to SSR’s auxiliary gauge package, engine cover insert and cargo area strips; a body color package with running boards; and a windbreak.



Under the retractable hardtop, SSR's interior design is based on Chevrolet's twin cockpit approach, with a horizontal cross-car bar and body-color accents that pull exterior design cues inside. The satin chrome aluminum look used on elements of SSR’s exterior continues on the interior door trim and instrument panel bezels. The cleanly styled instrument panel contains gauges with bold graphics and a simple three-dial design for all climate controls.

The interior also is packed with luxury as standard equipment, including leather seating surfaces, six-way power-adjustable driver seat, two-way power-adjustable passenger seat, leather-wrapped steering wheel with radio controls, air conditioning, cruise control, driver information center, and a AM/FM stereo with CD player and MP3 capability. Also available are heated seats with driver-side memory, a six-disc CD stereo, 250-watt Bose sound system, self-dimming inside rearview mirror (with halo lighting and universal remote) and a self-dimming outside driver’s mirror.

SSR options including chrome wheels, running board and auxiliary gauge package (includes readouts for voltage, delivered engine torque and outside air temperature). The running boards and gauge housings are available in satin chrome or color-keyed finishes. Another popular option is the cargo compartment trim, which adds a customized feel to the cargo area with a carpeted layer over the entire area, underside of the cargo area and tailgate. The trim package also includes two simulated oak track covers and seven bed strips.

On the front straightaway at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway - the 2006 Chevy SSR (right) with special two-tone paint design paced the Allstate 400 at Brickyard on August 7, 2005. On the left is one of forty-five special two-tone SSRs that were used to parade all NASCAR Nextel Cup stars around the 2.5 mile oval during driver introductions. Utimately part of a dealer driveaway program, all forty-five were sold to the public through Chevy dealers following their use at The Speedway.
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