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I installed Moleskin (thanks REBEL) last week. Job takes about 1 hour total. I used the document I got from BUFFY (thanks) to remove door panels. On a scale of 1-10 (10 the hardest) I think it is about a 2-3. The MoleSkin I got from REBEL was 1 inch wide and I cut in half to make 1/2 inch which was just about right.

I snapped a few pic's as I was intalling and added them to BUFFY's doc which I converted to a WEB page.

For a HOW-TO Click Here to view.

Hope this helps


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Thanks George this helps alot, we got the best people on this site!!!! :thumbs

Happy :ssr ing
:seeya Tony

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The MOLE SKIN that I have been getting for members has a self adhesive backing and is manufactured for this application, it is not velcro! ! ! Also someone asked if they should install this if they are not going to tint their windows, I think the answer is yes as I remember reading about alot of windows being replaced last summer ( chech old posts )
I ruined TWO tint jobs before I figured out what was wrong "with the help of people on this site" and found the FIX . It's well worth the hour it takes.
The MOLE SKIN should be available at parts and paint or auto glass supplier, but if you can not locate it let me know and I will help you out.

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Great detailed instructions!

Buffy said:
Black Magic, now they like YOU better! :lol :lol
Hey John,

I still like you best... even though you are my twin "Adobe" Brother and dad always liked you more than he did me... ! ;)

I have to agree we have a lot of talented members on our site. I like the great detailed photo and sketches. Heck I might even try that one myself.

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WoW!! Thanks!!

Hey guys!! Thanks a bunch for the detailed directions, photos and help concerning the installation of the moleskin--and more importantly--where to get it! I'll be having the moleskin installed this week with my window tint! Wanted to tell you the detailed directions couldnt have come at a better time!! Thanks!! This place is awesome! ;) :thumbs

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George: Very, very good set of directions and sketches. In fact better than most GM servce manuals I have seen. This site continues to impress me with comments and suggestions from fellow guy/gal SSR owners. Thank you for taking the time to snap the photo's. Dave

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Okay Everyone,
Forgive me but, I didn't listen. I am forever a changed man. From now on I will listen to the forum when instructed what or what not to do.

I had the windows tinted and now I have wonderful scratched tint up and down my passanger side window.

:nono :nono :nono :nono

I am now pubilcly kickin myself in the Arse.
:boxing :boxing :boxing :boxing

Awsome instructions......You da Man! :seeya

Can anyone tell me how the mole skin has worked after installing on windows that have been tinted? Has it stopped the scratchingof the tint? And the longest someone has had it on their windows and still doing the job. Thanks, Funnyface p.s. this is the most wonderful car site.

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Interesting and thanks for the great illustrations. By the way, I used to use Moleskin on my foot to protect it while skiing after a bad break and surgery. That Moleskin was found at any drug store and looks the same except this application is in a longer & narrower piece made for window protection. Is this the same stuff made by Dr. Scholls?
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