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Check out for some really neat new toys in GM's arsenal for the future.

Go to, click on public, and enter a search. If you type in SSR, nearly 300 photos will show up. Try a search under 2005 or 2006 and a new Saturn concept unlike any Saturn in existence, a Nomad to die for, and a Pontiac Solstice show up. A seach under any of those names pulls up a lot of photos.

Lots of shots of the new Corvette - looks awesome.

If anyone from GM is reading this - please add to my wish list for the SSR. Morty - are you out there?

The 6.0 Corvette engine, at a mere 400 HP, the 6 speed manual (I'm suffering from shifting withdrawal since I sold my GTO - why, why, why did I do that? and really don't want an automatic SSR), and the wheels off the new Corvette or the Nomad (the stock wheels will be the first things to go when I finally get an SSR)

How about some wild colors - a House of Kolors candy tangerine SSR with 400 HP and a 6 speed, and some wheels that look like they belong on a hot rod - is that too much to wish for?

Am I too late for Christmas?:cry
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