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Ok. Anyone know of the best place to buy the gauge pkg?

Anyone install the K&N air filter on an '03/04? Is there any noticeable increase in power? love it/hate it?

Anyone love/hate the side saddle storage? Assume easy enough to install? Worth the money? Does it really crimp the storage badly in back?

Did anyone put those domed raised stick on letters (not the thin vinyl) on the beak of the hood in the CHEVROLET? Seen that on ebay-didn't know what anyone thought as I KNOW someone(s) out there has it. Anyone have it in yellow?

Any other snappy tricks that isn't a material mod?

Your time, advice and experience is appreciated!


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I have the raised yellow letters on the hood, and the raised letters on the sill plates and at rear of the box. They look great - noticeably reflective, especially on the hood.


dome decals

go to the gallery under exterior pictures you will see some there including mine. They are translucent. light at different angles make them look lit up. :thumbs
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