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More top woes...:-(

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My SSR was in the body shop all week for the toneau lifting high on the right and low on the left. It is also getting rub marks and scuffs on the right side of the roof where the wire loops scratch the top. I told them about the looping of the wires here on the forum and also, left them my Helm manuals to use as a reference. There was also an 02 Sensor problem that was to be done at the service dept. They never got to that one so they are doing that one today. Had to give back the rental car and pool it today. They said they could not fix the roof problem and tried in vain to solve it so they sent the info. to GM for further study. I just hope they study it quickly before my SSR goes out of warranty. This roof thing is just been the problem that would not die! Is there a solution? :confused
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talking about


How is your hydraulic fluid levels holding.....not to bring up another bad subject....
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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