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Sold our house and headed out to Kingsport Tn from New Port Ritchey Fl. Left around 9:30 PM Thursday about an hour and a half into the trip my wife hits what looked like a coyote on I4 in Lakeland doing about 70, I was following behind her in my SSR looked like a bomb went off under her car things flying all over nothing it the outside of the truck but some debris hit up underneath. I thought she hit some road debrls until she stopped and I looked at the car. She has been watching to much NASCAR never tapped the breaks just drove straight thru it, if she would have swerved or braked there is no doubt it could have turned into a bad wreck. Nobody got hurt and the car can always be fixed.
Pulled of the road and checked out the car, 08 Cadillac SSR, I couldn't believe the damage broke the front facia, blew out the lower turn signals, bent up and pushed the radiator back toward the engine and took out the radiator support. Guess what that was made out of plastic too just like ours, so here"s a good reason to replace that support from Mikes Simple Engineering. Tow truck took car to car dealer in Lakeland. Looks like Florida doesn't want us to leave now have make a return trip to pick up the car.
Spent most of Saturday dealing with insurance company, getting rental car, unloading her car to rental, and dealing with body shop at dealer. Headed to her brothers on East coast of Fl. to rest up for run to Tn. today.
Today made the run straight thru from Melbourne Fl to Kingsport Tn. Little :purple: truck ran great although I was surprised to see water temp fluctuate between just under 210 to around 220-225, even thou I just had radiator flushed, reservoir replaced and Mikes fan installed. Gas mileage was around 19.5 for the run up not bad as we cruised up right around 75 mph all day.
Ran into rain in Tn. so we had to back down a bit with the history of these R's not liking rain I wasn't taking any chances.
Once we get settled in will try and hook up with some of you Tn. fanatics, I will be making the run down to Daytona in April too.
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