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My dealership I work for has an SSR for sale (see my post about the car in the 'For Sale' section).

I've listed Corvettes for my boss before, and have used the Corvette Black Book to get production numbers and original MSRP for Regular Production Options (RPO's) on the 'Vettes I've listed. I was wondering if there was similar site/publication that would give me the same values for SSR's (or else anyone who has access to those numbers), so that I may add the values to my listing. If you have access to these values, and need the options on the particular SSR we have up for sale, let me know and I'll post them here.

Any help would be appreciated!


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The SSR you have is well optioned for the time
I have the numbers somewhere but can't put my fingers on it

We have 24000 SSR's as compared to 1000000 plus Vettes, so we don't rate our own book

I think carpet bed was $895 - boards about $600
I can't remember the RAE hard bins but I think $3-400

At the end of the day, the fact you have these options will help you sell, but I am not sure you can bump the price based on these
Personally, I think with 62k you should be in the $17k range - and I do track this stuff.
It does look really well looked after though, and hopefully, an SSR lover will appreciate that.

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There are two Stickys in this General SSR Discussion Forum (here) where you can see ALL the percentages of colors/ options made for each MY 2003-2006 The second link below provides ALL the accessory options and their MSRPs that were available for the SSRs.

Running Boards $899
Hard Side Saddle Storage $489

Many members are missing this great information that is located right here on our great website.

2003-2006 Production numbers & Option history

All Accessories MSRP Prices Here
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