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Reese confirmed to me this morning that either he or Mason from MTI will be at this Sunday's SSR gathering at The Varsity at Town Center, in north Atlanta.

One or both will drive Reese's 427 smallblock Corvette over, and will spend time talking to us SSR owners, to try to get a better idea of what modiifications and combinations of modifications we might be interested in, so that MTI can put together a meaningful set of choices for us.

From what I have already seen at MTI, they have a solid track record on C5 and C6 Corvettes, and could easily include SSR mods like:

- Intake enhancements
- Exhaust headers and hi-flow CAT dual exhausts
- Rear axle ratio changes (a specialty with Reese)
- VCM reprogramming (only on 03 and 04 SSRs until one fo the big 3 software providers makes 05 software available - hopefully soon)
- MAYBE even lowering (I saw Reese do it on a Maserati)
- Supercharger or turbo
- Dyno testing and tuning

So, if you have any interest, and are within reasonable driving distance, come on out. RSVP to Buffy (currently 20 or so coming).

If we are serious about wanting a performance SSR resource covenient to those of us here in the Southeast, let's let Reese know what we want so he can see if it makes sense for him and his crew.

It"ll also bean opportunity to see the 427 smallblock Corvette up close and personal, plus a chance to talk to a gifted tuner and car builder, and also a chance of course to talk to other SSR owners from this website, whose postings you've seen but who you might never yet have met in person!

Jim G
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