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I finally got the call. Went there this PM and ordered it. The only problem was that the set of three instrument gauges were not available at this time. He told me I could wait for it but then I would get the second SSR not the first. For obvious reasons i decided to order it and forgo the 3 instrument gauges.

Does anyone know if you get it later? It is one of those dealer installed stuff?

BTW, what the hell is GVWR? I thouht the damn think was too heavy at 4700 lbs. Now they are telling me its GVWR is 6050 lbs (2744kg)!!!! What is this? 0-60 is now what? 5 minutes?

Here are the details:

Built date: Week of Sept. 1st
Expected delivery: 2nd or third week of September

Model CS15703 2003 Chevrolet SSR Reg Cab 116.0" WB LS

Invoice $38,680.95
MSRP $41,370.00

Interior: Ebony (192)
Exterior: Redline Red (70U)

Engine: Vortec 5300 V8 SFI
HP: 300 @5200rpm
Torque (is this # torque?Has to be) 331 lb.-ft @ 4000rpm

Transmission: 4 speed auto

Preferred equip grp 1SB $1900 MSRP

Got the following options also:
Running Boards (BVE) (pictures were cool) $ 745 MSRP

Side Saddle storage (RAE) $400 MSRP

(didn't get the net thing since am not planning to laod anything on it and I don't think many people would for resale, this things will be cool to throw something in them rather than the inside of the car or lose in the cargo area)

Customized mats BKF) $85 MSRP

Front llicense bracket $15 ( buy told him not to install, I'll pay the ticket if caught)

Total options MSRP $3145.00
Destination charge $625.00

Total Invoice $42,735.82
MSRP $45,140

I'm pissed that I can't get the gauges but he said that anyone ordering now has the same problem. He said tomorrow maybe different. That sucks, that was the coolest item on the options.

I think $2500 profit for the dealer is fair to both them and I. Will sell this if someone offers the right price, lets say $20k over what I paid. Otherwise, I think I will enjoy it myself. I don't think I will sell for 5 or even 10k over since I will get that mush in attention on the street. i know I'm vain. :)

Finally, after two years of waiting....

My experience at this dealer was great. They were quite nice and never tried to weasel out of the contract we had. They are think selling the other models for a premium thogh...

When were you told that you would be receiving your SSR? Have you been given a build date? Were you originally told that the vehicle was going to be a 2003 or 2004?


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when I ordered ( Tuesday)he said buiolt date of Sept 1st. On Friday he checked the system and said for some crazy reason the date is not October 27. This is nuts. I am supposed to get the 03. We will see on Monday. He is going to call GM.
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