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Red bike gone???

For those of us that are in the know, that is not your scooter.
You would need my Redline Red to make it so.
Now, John, is this a posed picture?
If so it wqs probably easier to find a yellow chopper than a red SSR, right.
Scott Doran #201 Redline red :ssr :ssr

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Now not to start something...

But you are missing the girl in the yellow bikini ! :lol :lol :lol

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dingbat said:
Knowing Buffy that would be Sandra Bullock :reddevil

First of all, you are RIGHT about Sandra Bullock! SHE IS THE ULTIMATE FANTASY! :thumbs

Secondly, the matching SSR and Motorcycle was a raffle that was going on in Maggie Valley last weekend. I just pulled into a resturant and he was pulling out!

I grabbed the camera and took a quick snap of it before he dissappeared down the road. He was ALL OVER Maggie Valley that weekend selling raffle tickets. (No I didn't buy any!) :cool

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best spot

We have been to Maggie valley with the leaves in full fall color. Filled up on pancakes and staired out the window at the hills of color. Nice place to retire to, but the dance hall is DRY.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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