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My First Car Show!

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Entered my 2004 Redline Red SSR in the 15th Anniversay "Cousino High Schools Classic Car Show". Sponsored by WCXS 94.7 radio station in Michigan. All the proceeds went to help children with cancer.

Even though my 04 is stock and I have not changed it yet. I was the only SSR in the car show. I had as many people hanging around my SSR as did the 1941 Willies and the 69 camero,1963 split window corvette, etc..... The High School News paper took pictures and wrote an article about it. I also had pictures taken from Hot Rod magazine. Don't know if any of them will be published. If I hear of it, I will post a link or pics if possible.

This was my first car show. Have to tell you all I had a blast talking with all the people who loved the car. I didn't recieve and award but I did recieve my first plaque for the SSR and a hat. Met a lot of interesting people and vehicles.

Looking forward to changing mine so it's unique. In the process of doing just that. Maybe neXt car show I will take and award. Impressed by how many people really like the SSR. It's nice to know I'm in a league all my own!
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Know the feeling of showing the SSR. I'm always uncomfortable with placing my SSR in classic car shows, but the people seem to love to look at it and ask questions. I've gotten some looks and remarks from the classic owners, but I understand where they are coming from. One said I was twenty years early and I certanly can't fault that remark. Have to say if I feel any guilt, it's because of the people passing by the classics and walking all around my SSR. Enjoy the attention, we do have our own classics.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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