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Howdy Folks,

Those of us California SSR owners are finally getting some weather where we can let our tops down. I hope each and everyone of you are enjoying your new vehicle. Personally, I love my new Redline Red, I wake up waiting to drive it and sometimes I just go out in the garage to look at it and make sure it is alright!! The purpose of this post is to put some pressure on GM. They have a website which is: This site enables the purchaser of a new vehicle to keep track of his/her vehicle records. I have visited the site a few times and tried to register my new SSR, unfortunately they have not added the SSR as a vehicle type. I cannot imagine the "flagship" being excluded from their list. Maybe if we all send an email to GM we can have our vehicles added to an already existing list. Take care and drive on.............


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:banghead I have sent numerous emails to GM about this and called them twice on it. They assured me that soon (whenever that is) they will be upgrading the site to include the SSR but they would not give me any definative date as to when "Soon" will be.
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