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Here are some random thoughts . Please no flame war, I love the car and will be keeping it. I will probably spend another 10K supercharging it in 6 months or so. These are just my observations in the past 2 days, 130 miles; and is not intended to put the car down. Constructive criticism:

1- Drives like a truck, kind of rough

2-The stereo is not as good as some had described, it may be due to the fact there are no back seats. I have had a lot better sound in my other cars

3- For $48k, they should have included a navigation system

4-The interior is quite cheap looking. It's GM at its worst. The glove compartment door has to be slammed shut. The ashtray and lighter compartment do not seem very secure.

5- The saddle bag compartments are hard to open and close

6-Whats up with the cargo cover? When you open it, you have to open the gate to be able to close it. Why?

7-Why is there so many functions on the turn signal stick? Couldn't they fit some it else where?

8-I know I got upset when someone complained about cup holders, but it's true. It's annoying. Why didn't they make it symmetrical. Either on the dash or by our leg. Not much thought went into it...

9-With the top up, there are still a lot of outside noise making you think there is a window or door open. I've never had a 2 seater or a convertible, so that may be the cause

10-As it has been said before, the seat adjustments should be moved. No room for my fat hands to get there

11- The stereo has too many buttons. I'm a techy guy but come on, make it simpler.

12- A spare tire would have been great. I'm thinking about getting a donut and a jack and keep it in the cargo area. I hate waiting for the tow truck and don't want to use the fix it cans.

13-The lights on the instrument panel are hard to see

14- An SSR logo in between the seats would have been great

15- The cheap stick to keep the hood up

Now the good stuff:

1- The red color. I love this red. It gets so much attention it's unbelievable. The fact that the same color trim is inside makes the car so attractive

2-I love the heating and AC controls. It looks retro and is very simple and elegant. I love it, did I say that :)

3-The heated seats are a god sent and work awesome. especially if are as dumb as I am to drive the car with the top down when the temps have been between 36-50 in the past two days.

4- The exhaust makes you want to make love to the car (or maybe inside of it). :jester

5-The retractable top. I just hope I'm not going to run out of time. I've been opening and closing everywhere. I must have done it 50 times already ( 2 days). BTW, no problems and very smooth. I just wish you could do it on the fly. I know it's dangerous but it would have been cool.

6- The steering wheel is gorgeous

7- The seats are very comfortable

8- Love the position of the emergency break, it's not an eyesore

9- Love the compartment between the seats and how it opens

10-The little piece of extra material on the body (between the back wheels and the doors) to protect that area

11-The gear shifter looks great

12-The interior light and the green one when the top is down. It looks like moonlight.

13- The gold Chevy bow-tie up front as it contrasts with the silver

14- The lines on this car are so severe. It's awesome.

More to come later....

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Here are a couple of more good ones:

15- I love the head room. For us tall ones ity makes a difference

16- I was stopped twice by good looking women and gotten great comments on the cars. One wanted aride in it!!!! I had to politely refuse since I'm married :banghead :banghead :banghead

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Glove box door

After you open the glovebox door you can adjust the closure of the door by pulling down slightly on the catch attached to the framework. This will prevent the door from having to be slammed against the frame to make the closure complete. Try it! It worked for me.

:smash :thumbs

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:) :) :)

After 200 miles of testing, playing and cruising, I must say this vehicle is much more than I ever imagined. I've been working on getting one for three years, probably longer that it took some people to learn how to spell SSR.

I'm glad I got the yellow. It gets more attention that I ever expected. I also did not load it up with any of the other options. This kept of the extra weight and left the clean lines of the vehicle stand out.

As I was driving it home on Saturday on the interstate, everybody that passed was looking. I didn't know that some people can turn head around 180 degrees. (scarry) I got the thumbs up from a guy in a Ferrarri. (cool) I had people follow me for miles, then into the mall parking lot. It looked like a parade. You have to watch other people driving, I almost had one guy crash into me as he was turning in front of me.


* Yellow...the only way to go if you like attention.
* Don't need to worry about seat adjust buttons...set it once for me and forget it. Why pay for memory if you never use it. The seat never forgets.
* Performance is excellent..sound is smooth.
* Instant mileage is good at 21/22 mpg ( trip was 19)must be the polish
* RDS Radio is excellent ..have one in my 2003 Sonoma. Once you set it up you don't really have to touch it.
* I didn't buy this for the cupholders.
* DIC is fine for me... I'm over 6' 2". Angle is perfect.
* Headroom is much more that I expected.
* Roof works says it has the upgrade. (pays to wait I guess)
* Dealer must have checked this baby out with a magnifying glass. Found a scratch on the right rear marker light bezel. Had a new one on order before I picked it up. I know where the scratch is but I have trouble seeing it sometimes.
* Allow at least 30 extra minutes to any stop. Takes that long to uncircle the vehicles around your SSR.


*I plan to have the chevron bar effect replaced in the rear with some special reflective graphics. It needs something to break the high profile.

* Check with your dealer to see some of the neat options that are planned for the next few years. Some pretty cool items if they go with all them.

Too bad I will have to put this puppy to bed for the winter months, but spring is just around the corner.
:cry :cry :cry

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only way to go?

Dear me. If I had more attention than I am getting in
my red one I couldn't take it!
Took a friend on a cruise tonight. After I took off from
the stoplight I saw a flash go off. Some teenage girl
in an awesome F150 took my picture.:cool

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:grouphug Guess I will find out what it is like this morning. Going up to Northern Virginia to pick up my SSR. I could'nt hardly sleep last night thinking about it! Hope the Wash. DC traffic shows me some mercy. I absolutely hat I-95!!! Will take the back roads on the way back.

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even terrible trafic becomes fun in the SSR. It's the best time for people to see your car. :cheers


Hi DIAMOND Jim one thing I love is attention. That is I must be Im tattooed from my ears to my toes. Plus yellow is my favorate color. Like I said before the ssr is truely a work of art. Should have mine soon. Tattoo Expert centrail N.J. :angel :cheers
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