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My Lucky Day

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Got a call from my dealer/Maintence Director. He knows I how much I love my truck. He called to ask me if I wanted the 04 Display they were going to toss! Oh Man Do I Ever! Thanks Frank K. :angel
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Lucky You!

That's great Machell. Couldn't happen to a nicer person.
Dealer give away

:seeya Machell ,Which dealer ? Huffines , Van or Bankston :seeya
Furykay said:
:seeya Machell ,Which dealer ? Huffines , Van or Bankston :seeya
It was Van, they are super supportive even when I get anal about stuff. :lol :lol
Surely you don't mean to say they gave you the SSR they had in the showroom?? :confused
What luck I had, the dealer gave me all the display stuff when I bought the truck, how nice that the display is Slingshot Yellow.
Wildcat / Chuck: Exactly what is this "display stuff" ??
The wall poster, table top card, mouse pad, some other little stuff, all 04. Being anal retentive I also saved all the papers from the car, even the paper floor mats. Goofy maybe, but it's odd what'll add value to a car after 15-20 yrs.

I have all the receipts and documents for every part that went into a total build I did of my 62 Chevy II, some cars deserve it. With the 03 Grand Am that I traded for the SSR the only thing I kept with the car was the owners manual.
Blue6T9 said:
Surely you don't mean to say they gave you the SSR they had in the showroom?? :confused
Oops sorry, they dont' like me that much :lol the o4 sales display stuff. :lol :lol sorry! :cool
Chuck & Wildcat : Oh, OK, I get it now re. display stuff... I thought maybe there was some extra stuff that was supposed to go with every vehicle but you had to ask for it. I can certainly see the value in that, cool. Chuck, I'd save all that stuff too, so if you're anal I guess I am too. Come to think of it, I've been accused of that in the past...... Doesn't bother me one bit, lol.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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