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👋 Hi and welcome from the Pacific Northwest playground! Congratulations on your new adventure. That Smokin' Asphalt is a beauty! Be sure to post some more photos when you have time.

There's a huge community of owners here. You can find people in your area by checking out the Pin Map linked below. Otherwise there are folks from all over the world here that can help you find parts, troubleshoot issues and offer great support if and when you need it. Here are a few links that you'll find invaluable:

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Enjoy your PermaGrin and don't be a stranger!

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Thank you for the welcoming. The Cincinnati group is going to look it over for me. I have already ordered the shift kit, heat shield, front stiffening plate, rear 4 bolt brace and the hood strut kit. Don’t think much had been done to it. I call her RAVEN
Don't forget to order the bed lamp LED kit ... don't want to risk a bed fire in your new ride.
Welcome from sunny Atlantic beach, Florida.
Cheers, Carl
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