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MY SSR was at the dealer for 2 weeks

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It took them two weeks to order the parts for my car and repair them. didn't really mind since it has been quite cold here.

They fixed the top:

1-Not to scratch the panel as it went down
2- not to rattle so much


3-changed one of the vents inside the car since it was broken
4- Changed the hood strut, it was bent
5-Changed the foam under the hood, white stuff all over it
6-weather stripping of the tail gate was changed (deformed)

I will drive a bit more tomorrow but driving it back tonight I did not hear any rattles from the roof as I hit the bumps :cheers

Will go back on Friday, the service manager wants to go over everything they did. It took a while but they realized I was a pain in the @ss so the Corvette guy worked on mine and took his time.
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I bought mine from Bollingbrook Chevy. Nice people, nice service guys and nice body shop (had a minor dent first week I got the car :banghead ). The problem is that they are a bit far from my house or work.

I went to Ogden Chevy (formerly known as Team Chevy) in Westmont/Oak Brook. These guys did not want to sell an SSR to me 2 years before the car came out. they wanted to sell it at a premium. But the ownership has changed and they seem to know what the are doing. More on my repairs tomorrow after I drive it on the expressway. The sell a lot of Corvettes and they have an indoor show room (body shop converted) full of exotic cars they are trying to sell.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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