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"mystery Lunch Ride Starts In Temecula And Goes To ?????"

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May 22nd "Mystery Lunch Ride Starts in Temecula at goes to ????"

Mark the date May 22nd you don't want to miss this :thumbs We will be meeting again at Siggys fast food 26820 Jefferson Ave. Murrieta 10:00 am leaving at 10.30 sharp(just enough time for coffee)!! Jim Carden is in charge of the mystery lunch ride, he's the only one that knows where we are going and the only thing I can get out of him is that he promise's back roads and great sceneary :cool Post a reply or PM me, Jim needs a head count to reserve parking and seats for lunch ASAP :cheers Anyone who has two-way radios should bring them to keep in touch, thats really the only thing that works on these kind of rides cell phones don't. Everyone is welcome LA,OC,SB,RIV, and SAN DIEGO COUNTIES. Lloyd (lloger) hope you & Gerry can make it we need a "KODAK MAN" :lol If you need directions to the start(siggys) reply to thread or PM me.

Hope to see everyone that was at our last ride plus a whole lot of new folks. Lets :party again!!

Happy :ssr ing
:seeya Tony

P.S. Missed our last ride check the thread Cruzin Grand April 8th we had a ball!!! :thumbs
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lloger said:
Hi Tony, We just got back from Palm Springs today, May 6th. I've got May 22nd marked on my calendar, and will try to make it. Boy, I wish you guys and gals wouldn't chat so much while I'm gone. It's going to take me a week to catch up on all the new posts. I spotted two SSR's while we were in Palm Springs. We were in Ruby's Diner on Hiway 111, having a burger for lunch, and a red one passed by going East. We spotted a yellow one on the 10, he was going East and we were going West, as we were leaving for home today. Don't know who they were or if they are on the forum.
Thats great Lloyd, tell Gerry hello from us can't wait to see everybody again! :thumbs Looks like you need a laptop to stay in touch :glol :glol :glol
Give Fred a jingle to see if he can come too...
Happy :ssr ing
:seeya Tony
So Far So Good!!

Got Ten RSVP's so far for this ride, I know there are more of you great SSR owners out there!!. Come on would like to make it Twenty what a :party that would be :thumbs
Happy :ssr ing
:seeya Tony
Super Ken!!!

Ken Thurm said:
My grandson and I will be there. I just need directions.
Be more then happy to give you directions, just need to know where you are starting from-what city?? :thumbs :thumbs :thumbs

Me Thinks Me See A Convoy Starting!!!

Hi Guys & Girls

Well what can I say, THIRTEEN confirmed so far and seven will know as the date gets closer :cool :cool :cool Will we actually hit the TWENTY MARK??? Oh and ECurtis the only thing I can correct on your post is there is NO DIRT ROADS but I have herd music ! :glol :glol :glol Looking forward to seeing everyone and meeting new people :thumbs

Lets :party

:seeya Tony
"the List"

1 Jim Carden & JoAnn<
2 crazyrtr53-Tony & Judy<
3 ssr71blackbird-Bob & Randi<
4 Ted-Ted & ??-<------------------------------->3 Vickers In Laws
5 Jesse Ochoa & ???<---------------------------->4 speed2acer
6 Yellow Flash-Steve & ??<
7 lloger-Lloyd & Gerry<
8 SSRbh-Brian & son Chris
9 Frank Martinez & Debbie
10 Ken Thurm- Ken & Tina
11 drtrcer-Duke & Sandi
12 TerryH-Terry & ???
13 Vicker- Vick &??
14 Ed Pawlack & ???
15 Tony & Maria Jiron
16 ECurtis & ???
17 hdflstf-Art-Lucky & Stitch
18 Ross
19 Wildssr-Brian & son Chris
20 Wildssr3-Gary & son Matt
21 FredEDick- Fred
22 TALLNLA- Jeff & Shiela
23 SSRM.E.- Paul & Melissa
24 RSHottel- Rich & Cheri
25 sgt770 Rick & Lois

There's the list Lloyd I put Fred on it in hopes that you would talk him into going :thumbs
If I have missed some possible's that are definate pm me if your a single or double for Lunch seating. :thumbs

Happy :ssr ing
:seeya Tony

P.S. sorry guys there are two list's there that's the only way I could space them apart otherwise they ran together! :mad
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ECurtis said:
[There are two lists. Confirmed..................................Possible. SSR71Blackbird is on the confirmed list and you are on the possible list. Do you want to be moved to the confirmed list?

Whoa! did I ever mis-read the list! Thanks lloyd. Put me on the confirmed list.

:seeya E :seeya

Orange SSR :ssr[/QUOTE]


You have been moved, sorry there is only so much you can do on posting. I think I have cleaned it up a little more :thumbs See you the 22nd :)
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Hi Ted

Putting that up on the reader board sounds great if you can do that!!! What a Kodak moment that will be!!!!

Just Two More Please!!!!!

Come on guys just two more to make the TWENTY mark :thumbs
RSHottel,Vickers IN-laws,Speed2acer-Dan,FredeDick, anyother SSR owners even thinking about it.
JUST SAY YES AND JOIN US FOR A REAL :party :party :party

Thanks for all your support see you on the 22nd

:seeya Tony
You Have My Vote

Ken Thurm said:
This is Ken's wife and my name is: Clementina Elizabeth Pia Pescetti-Thurm. aka
Tina Thurm (thought I'd make a joke of it)! I can thank my mother for that. I think there should be an award for the longest name!
:agree :cheers
Hey Lloyd you got a name tag that BIG :glol :glol :glol
Check The List Its Growing!!!

Check the list Guys & Girls its growing :thumbs :thumbs

See you the 22nd it's time too :party :party :party
We Did It!!!

:thumbs Hit the twenty mark and growing :cheers
Just A Few More Days

Couple of reminders any body with two-way radios please bring them, were going to need them for this parade of trucks. :thumbs Also make sure you have a full tank of gas before you start, so you can complete the ride none of us have room for riders :lol :lol :lol Again thanks for the huge responce looking forward to seeing everyone on the 22nd :flag

Happy :ssr ing
:seeya Tony
It Just Keeps Getting Better!!!

Check the list guys & girls we have TWENTY- THREE!!! :yesnod :yesnod
and still waiting to here from a few others. WOW going to have more SSR's together in one place then ten dealership carry :glol :glol :glol

See you all this Sunday

Happy :ssr ing
:seeya Tony
You Know??

ECurtis said:
In addition to the two way radios, bring a hunting knife, a compass, enough food and water for three days, a map (just in case you get lost). Don't forget to make your will out before you go:glol

:seeya E :seeya

Orange SSR :ssr

P.S. Is that a banjo playing? :eek
Come to think about it I did see a banjo in the back of Jim's SSR :glol :glol :glol
But he will be leading not bringing up the REAR :skep
I Can't Believe You Guy's

SSR's owners are the GREATEST :thumbs We have a total of TWENTY-FOUR coming to the ride tomorrow, what a site that is going to be. Hey TED was by the Murrietta Auto Mall today and saw what you have done, one word sums it up "FANTASTIC" going to make for a great photo. :) Steve very sorry you & Susan can"t make it but I know Lloyd will get the shots that will make you feel like you were there :cool Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow it's time to
:party :party :party :party

:cheers Everyone

One Super Day!!!

Twenty-five thank you's for a fantastic day :thumbs I can not begin to tell you how great this ride was, to have such a super group of SSR owners with such great enthusiasiam. Twenty-five :ssr what a site, as far as you could see down the road. What a :party :party :party

Again please except my sincere thank you for making this one unforgetable day :flag

Happy :ssr ing

:seeya Tony

Ken Thurm said:
My wife and I were talking on the way home, Just thinking about some guy coming the other direction in a SSR and passing 25 SSR's, It might of looked like a G.M. recall to him!!!!!
:agree :glol :glol :glol
No Thank You!

You Guys & Girls are all so kind it was my pleasure to round everyone up for this event. ;) Its the fact that in are busy life style that we can set some time aside to do something like this, just goes to show that we have the love for our truck and the desire to meet new people :) Makes for a great combination :flag
And Things Just Keep Getting Bigger

This Event was one of the greatest, but now it looks like Irwindale is going to top the charts. Could'nt do it with out all of you guys :thumbs
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