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Greetings all, New to site. Purchased our New SSr last Sunday.
Having been a street rodder since way back and still owning both a 31'
2 door Sedan, all steel V8 etc. and a T Sedan I must admit this car is out of site.
We ate burgers at In & Out drive thru last nite, I felt like i was 17 again.
and a short hop on the freeway, unreal.....
its very smooooooth, Well hows Wind Jammer! simpe and to the point.
first thing out of my wifes mouth, I told here, Ill give it a shot. ;)
By the way..... Who ever wins, give me a shout, to design you a logo with the name you pick out, thats what i do for a living and sign design.
Cheers!! :jester ;)
1 - 2 of 73 Posts
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