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We have a new 2004 ultra violet ssr with the running boards, cargo pkg, custom floor mats, cargo compartment trim with wood, towing pkg and 1SB pkg, MSRP $46,090 will sell for $42,821 call or e-mail if you know anybody interested boss says get rid of it. [email protected] or 314-966-3311 ext 115 Brian Leith

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Sorry to inform you but in todays market most buyers will find that your price is now much too high... you would be better off trying to find someone to buy it at a GMS price. There is a dealer in my area advertising $2,000 below GMS pricing and with a $1,000.00 dealer incentive he will still be making money.

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Have to agree with Marc. :thumbs

There are a dirth of well equiped SSr's available around the counrty. Most dealers that are selling their inventory of this product are doing so at significan discounts to MSRP. They are achieving the objective of moving their SSr stock by passing on the $1000 GM incentive and by reducing their gross profit to practically nothing... several have told they fell fortunate when they get to retain the 3% holdback amount. A quick review of the few trucks that are actually selling on eBay will confirm this perspecive.

The new improved 05 is available in most market areas at a discount to MSRP. All you have to do is ask!

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