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Got a look at a new book and catalog that Chevy has sent to the dealers.


Contains general info and descriptions of the SSR. Nice pictures.

-Has a good side view pic of a black SSR with running boards and chrome wheels. The black unit really needs the help of the chrome to set it off.
-Also has a pic of a Redline Red SSR with the chrome wheels.


Has history of the SSR. Sketches of the initial design. Pictures of various SSR's. Specs and details.
Also has a list of Over-the-counter-Accessories that are and will be available for the SSR. Items include:

+Cargo Compartment Strips( chrome & body color)
+Color-Keyed engine cover insert...........Got mine on order
+Body-Color Running boards
+Auxiliary Guage Package (Satin Chrome)
+Auxiliary Guage Package (Body-Color)

It also has pictures of a lot of the Accessories.......NICE

Check with your dealer if he was fortunate to get one of each, they are very limited supply:

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my dealer called me yesterday and had me come buy to give me a copy of that book they also have given me a sales banner and showroom display material
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