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I just saw this on E-Bay. Add should read" RE-CHROMED WHEEL" You guys were right , the wheel is re-chromed. They are "playing" with "as new". I asked if aftermarket re-chromed.
Answer, quote "New message from: direct (27,024)
We have had this wheel professionally chromed due to damage to the finish. Now this wheel appears perfect and As-NEW
Thank-you for your interest,
~Vicki T, eBay Contact
Operations Manager
Wheels Direct LLC
Widest Selection of OEM Wheels on ebay
Lesson, always read the fine print. I apologize for the post.

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I don't believe this is a true OEM chromed wheel in that it doesn't have the powder coating in the rear portion of the spoke openings nor on the back side of the wheel. Probably a satin wheel that was chromed.

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That isn't factory 14P
It is re-chromed (no unfinished area inside the "forks")
Interesting he is showing pictures of the polished wheels on the Signature Series

Subject Line in Ad - PERFECT New CHROME GM OEM Factory Chevrolet Chevy SSR 19 Inch FRONT WHEEL 5166
Picture of Subject Wheel for Sale

Subject Wheel.jpg

Picture of OEM 14P chrome wheel shows unfinished surface inside the forks/tines

OEM 14P.jpg
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