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New color for SSR?

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This may sound silly to some. I passed a chrome tanker the other day on the interstate and thought that would be neat to have a chrome SSR. Has anyone ever seen any vehicle like that? I know plastic can be chromed along with the metal. Would it even be legal? What would the guy next to you at the stoplight see? Would it be easier to maintain than paint? Rock chips on the front? I could hand out sunglasses at car shows. What about the "blue" chrome? Or, if it could be tinted red?

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chrome SSR

I was told I would be kicked out of the house if I did that to my SSR. Here is a link with pics of a few cars chromed.
Check out the concept shelby gr-1 from the detroit auto show. One person mentioned it was about $4,000 for a car. There is a link further down the page to HOT ROD that shows a 1932 Ford that has had a cosmichrome application. It almost looks like a big HotWheel toy.
There is also another place, They claim to be able to chrome anything with any tint. They even did a real lobster. They have not responded to my email requesting info and prices yet.

chrome it

I got a response from COAT OF CHROME. I ask them about cost of a distributor cap versus a whole car. This is what I was told..

"The coil/distributer cap like you saw on the website costs about $85. The product is a lot more involved then sraying paint. A little hard to explain but between a sprayed on epoxy base coat and a spraryed on acrylic urethane topcoat the metalizing is actually a multi-step chemical deposition of real silver metal. A crude cost is about $50 a square foot. A lot of jobs require prep and masking and a cost consideration has to be considered for that labor. Chroming a car although technically feasible, and I have done pieces nearly as large as a car hood, would be an enormous amount of labor and who knows 15 - 20 thousand dollars. From a durability and flex point of view its comparable with a basecoat/clearcoat OEM automotive finish. Hope this helps."

It sounds like they can tint most any color, too. I don't think I will ever spend that kind of money to change the looks of my SSR. I don't have that much time to take it to shows, either. I would rather find a girlfriend and spend some money on her.

Jason :ssr
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1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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