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Fading Blue!

For those that haven't seen the new color I have to say it must be viewed in person to get the full effects. Some have expressed that they didn't like the color, however I thought that the Aqua Blur is really an awesome color in the sunlight! However, it does look different or it changes more to me under cloudy/ over cast days. You can check out the different hues of that color from some of the shots that were taken at the Woodward Cruise/ GM SSR Team events category.

Go to the Gallery and select the tab "SSR events & Get togethers"
Then select "2004-SSRFanatics - Woodward Cruise & GM Heritage Center Tour" tab.

Then scroll through the pages to look for the various aqua blur photos. If you look at day two the actual event day, you will find a Pace SSR that is purple and two SSRs down you will see the Aqua Blur.... (in that photo it looks more green than blue) The sunshine color shots are at the very end.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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