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New here

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Whats up everybody? Thought I'd come check this place out, my grandpa just bought a red 2004 SSR, first Chevy he's ever bought. Just couldn't get past the styling and Ford had nothing like that to offer. He took me for a ride the other night and I decided I really like the truck as well. Anyways, I drive an 02 Mustang GT Saleen Clone, just thought I'd stop in, introduce myself and maybe learn a thing or 2 about the purgatory of American Automobiles. (Chrysler being Hell, Ford being Heaven) :) I'll probably be on and off of here for awhile so nice to meet all of you.
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Buffy said:
Wecome Husker02GT,

From your screen name, I take it that you're a FORD fan? Heck, that's OK, we love everyone here! :lol

Tell your grandpa that he will LOVE his new toy!
We love everybody here, despite the fact that they'e Ford fans.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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