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Ive asked a few questions already, and got some great info. I'm a new 2005 silver, manual trans, owner and fan!
I looked for this truck since 2005, and I finnaly found and bought her. 30K
She's based in Ohio, since I work on the north slope of Alaska. 3 weeks at a time!
I cant wait for my time off ,to get to drive her more. I am looking forward to meeting fellow enthusiasts at meets and on the street!
Great forum!!!

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Welcome from Houston, Texas, Tundrawalker!!! - :smile2:

Just "dive on in" here. The water's just fine. You're going to enjoy the ride so much more since you've found this site!! - :laugh:

David :black:
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A big hearty welcome from Sunny Sturgis South Dakota!!! We lived in several places in Alaska and worked all over the state for 30 years prior to settling here in Sturgis in 1994 when we retired.

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Welcome to The Fanatic family and from a fellow Buckeye! Where are you located in Ohio? We have quite a few of us here that are spread out throughout the State!

Keep enjoying that Perma-Grin every chance you get! ?
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