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New Member in California

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Greeting everyone !
I have been lurking here for quite a while, watching all the postings and learning...

I do not own a SSR yet, but have gotten the wife to agree to go ahead and allow me to get one (I used to just ask forgiveness, but it seemed like I was always in the Dog house)

I need some help, I have been looking for about a month, and with all this knowledge, I thought someone could turn me on to a Dealer here in Southern California or Arizona who actually wants to sell me an SSR !

I have been to a couple that dont want to move but a couple grand off sticker for a 2004 !

Any Suggestions or Dealers you can turn me on to :cool , I really WANT to be an owner !
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Just bought my '04 at Rally Chevrolet one week ago. Got it for $10k under MSRP. Give a call to Steve Bell 661-947-6000. They still had one '04 and a couple of '05s.Tell him Duane Crabtree refered you.
Another route is to use "" to view the local inventories and get e-mail quotes direct from the dealers in your area or beyond.
1 - 2 of 26 Posts