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Welcome to the website. I got mine a little over a month ago and have added over 1200 miles since then, what a great ride. I've only seen one other SSR during that time (Manassas,VA) but hopefully I'll meet some other fanatics.


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ssr71 said:

Just picked up my new SSR yesterday. I found this board through a google search, so I joined up and just wanted to say hi. :seeya
wildcat66 said:
Welcome to the group! You are gonna love it!

Congratulations on becoming a new SSR owner! :thumbs We all hope you will be able to share some great stories soon about your new ride and all the fun you will be having this summer with your new toy.

Please post some photos of her soon!

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Welcome from you West Coast Fanatic's :thumbs

Happy :ssr ing

:seeya Crazyrtr53

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Welcome Redline SSR71

Maybe you can get together with several other SSR owners in the area. We have made several trips, as you can see by the post for our area. Hope you can join us?


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Welcome !!

You will have alot of fun. We are from the Bladensburg area. We are not far from you, hopefully we will see you around. :seeya

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Welcome Aboard!!

Welcome and Congratulations on your New Ride!!!
You will find that this site is the single best source of SSR info--ANYWHERE! Fanatics know more about every little nuance to do with these trucks than anyone. If you have a question, don't be bashful--Someone will always know the answer!

Welcome and Aloha! :seeya
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