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Hello everyone!

Just got my Yellow Full-Tilt SSR on Saturday and took it to our local cruise at the Burger King in Manassas, VA that evening.

It was a big hit! Had to demo the top about a zillion times!

I am an old(54) hot rodder and have had 29 hot rods over the years and this is the neatest thing I have ever had!

I figure, if I take really good care of it, it should last about 20 years and that's probably about how long I'll last so we should both wear out together.

I have had a sort of "SSR" since 1986. I have had a 1948 Yellow Phantom Chevy Roadster Pickup and it has been a blast. Removeable top, camaro clip, power everthing.

Is anyone planning on attending the All-GM Show at Carlisle, PA-June 18-20? They park all of the same type of vehicles together so it would be a great chance to have a mini SSR meet.

Hey, the sun just came out and I'm going out to play with my toy again-I think we need some milk or something.

Good luck to everyone and I'll see you all down the road somewhere.

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Hey Rick,


Don't sell yourself and the SSR short. I know you've both got more than 20 years to go.

I'd also like to see your other Chevy pickup. I've got a 1950 One Ton that I did a frame off on about a year ago. Pretty much all original.

Enjoy the ride(s)

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