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New Owner Seeking Advice

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Okay, I am not a new owner quite yet, I hope to have enough money saved around July to buy my Slingshot Yellow SSR! I am in the beginning stage of this purchase, and would appreciate any and all feedback, tips, ideas, concerns, warnings etc from all about the SSR. What to watch for, what works, what doesn't, anything at all!

I am off to Vegas next week to rent one, just to make sure it is what I want. Any help for the "new guy" is much appreciated - best bet would be to email me directly at [email protected]

By the way, I am in California, what do you all know about buying an out of state car? I know I have to have it registered here, do I pay the CA sales tax?

Thanks in advance!
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First off, start looking now. It's very hard to find an SSR set up like you want. I registered here in Feburary, that was after I went into a dealership and ordered what I wanted. I just closed on a deal at the third dealership I talked seriously to. It is very hard to get GM to take your money. :) So two or three months is about what you can expect to close a deal.

Chevy salesmen are wheeler-dealers. They're set up to sell what's on their lot. You get a lot of "I have exactly what you want", whether it's what you asked them about or not. The thing is, all this wheeling-dealing means that instead of paying MSRP for a 1SB like I tried to do, I ended up paying over 7 grand less for an 1SA. So I'm not complaining!

You can't really do a search for what you want on the Chevrolet website. If you know someone at a dealership, they can do a search for you.

The big problem is that most of the 2005 SSR's have about 7 grand in options, most of which don't make sense. The 1SB upgrade has a better radio, but it's not a satelite radio. If you're leasing that would make sense but obviously if you're buying you're going to want to put a decent sound system in anyway, so why not save 2 grand and go with the 1SA. The only thing the 1SB seems to have that you might need is the heated seats.

The big choice really is whether to go with the 2005 or the 2004 model. The 2004's are really inexpensive, but they don't have stick and they have only a 300 hp engine.

Ordering out of state doesn't seem to be a problem. But I'll know for sure when mine gets delivered! :lol
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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