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New pedals

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I finally found a bit of time to put the new pedal pads in the SSR. They are from an 04 GTO and only needed a little bit of cutting and shaping on the rear to make them work. The GTO has a more or less square metal pedal and the SSR pedal is more of a trapezoid. Plus the SSR pedal is taller.

Anywho, After a touch of trimming on the rubber part and some silicone adhesive. here they are...

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They look real good. :thumbs
Hi Diggs, What does it take to install the throtle peddal? Thanks, Mofo

Hey Diggs,
What's that pedal on the far left for???? :glol
Stretch said:
Hey Diggs,
What's that pedal on the far left for???? :glol
That is called a "Dead Man's Pedal" :cool My Z06 Corvette has one also. It's a place for you to rest your left foot after you let out on the clutch. You really don't want to rest your foot under the clutch, so Chevy folks put a place for you to rest your foot. :)
And when you rest your foot on it long enough some real cool smoke starts coming out from under the car. :jester

I don't think Stretch was talking about the dead mans pedal - hes just jealous of that extra one - just like the rest of us with automatics. :lol

Although - Digg's pedal doesn't seem right - it's not stuck at the bottom.

Looks good, I was in Pep boys the other day and picked up a "lighted" set of pedals they look really similar to your's but they had blue light pads in them, it's so dark at night down there it ought to look cool!

lighted pedals

I'd like to see pictures of the installed lighted pedals when you get them installed
Don't laugh...

Mofo said:
Hi Diggs, What does it take to install the throtle peddal? Thanks, Mofo
My install of the throttle pedal involved trimming all the stuff off the back of the GTO pedal so the back is basically smooth. Then I used some GE Silicone Adhesive to fasten it to the front of the SSR pedal. I then took a squeeze clamp and held it in place for about 12 hours. Good to go.

The raised part of the GTO pedal in the back is narrower where the pin goes thru it and would not have worked. Getting the pin out of the SSR pedal did not look to be much fun anyway, so this worked for me.


P.S. The other two pedal covers are also held on by Silicone adhesive. I trimmed the rubber to fit the metal part of the SSR pedals, applied some adhesive and squeeze clamps for them, too.
Sure wish I'd thought if that - you're right about removing the loud pedal - major effort.

1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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