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Finally got my SSR back today. worth the xtra 3 days. new torch red leather on :cool the stearing wheel haand stiched. soft part of the door panels and seat bottoms and backs in the center. also radio, cd mp3 xm because the stock unit sounded like crap with the new 9" morel mid range and 3" morel tweeters. All behind the bose grills they made boxes for the speakers to fit in the doors dynamat and sealed. you could push the speaker in 1/2" and it would take a few seconds for the speaker to go back, very tight seal awsom sound. put a 10" bluanket subwolfer behind the passenger seat. they make one 2" deep for tight places. sounds as good as the normal 10" subs each door is driven by its own 250 watt zapp amp and sub has its own. super crisp and clear. when turned up it just gets louder no distortion rattles or buzzing. even the mids will vibe thru your body turned up 3/4 volume loud as I wanted to hear it. I believe no problem hearing it at 125 mph. with top down. 750 watts total. remakable how it sounds with the top up if you close your eyes you would think it was live its that clear and crisp. these boys there at boomers love a challenge. nothing like a good local mom and pop shop to do business with. your word is good enough. also just done the remote start just useing the GM key fob. will do the remote top and such at a latter date. yes my steering wheel controls still work with the radio. Heres some pictures to see the rest are in my gallery. :cheers :thumbs :party

The headers hopefully will be put on this week.



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TarHeel said:
Looks great, reminds me of my old
Z06 interior. :cool
I traded an 03 vette for my 03 ssr also. would not think twice about doing it again.ONLY thing I missed was set you back in the seat accelleration but the super charger took care of that. that is why it was not hard to buy the 05 SSR. just waiting on programing to be finished at magna charger. love the low end responce you get from it. You just cannot get that with a centrifical SC or turbo charger since they have to spool up.

Thanks for the kind words.

I know I sure love it.
when I sold my 03 SSR SC, xm, red int, flow master, alarm-remote start/top up down for $35000. I just felt fortunet to get that. very few people qualify for used car loans for that much. 14000 mi on it in 11mo. I do drive it just not my daily driver. 04 3/4T ext cab Lt 4x4 with juice with attitude 18' chrome wheels toyo tires 4" exhaust good hood functional scoop, cold air induction billit grill. painted mirrors,doorhandles. tailgate latch, mud flaps.
the lumber business is very good here in tulsa ok. very fortunate to some very good accounts. more you sell the more uncle sam gets. he even lets me have a little of the change. guess what I spend it on?? It helps not to have any one to support also.

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New Console

I would love to see a custom console that captures the look of the stock one, but uses space better and has some integrated cupholders in the4 place of the storage area, which is not very useful, any ideas?

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You mean yours is not heated?? Mine warms up when the seat heaters are on. Got to have both seats on thou, or it will not work. :cheers

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THe leather works cost $1400.
$600 for the seats including the ssr logo in the headrest.
$400 for the door panel inserts.
$400 for the steering wheel hand stitched.
all the old vinyl, leather and padding were removed.
the steering wheel is a little softer now. Just a yank fatter.
love the feel of the new steering wheel.
radio, amps, and speakers were $3450.
2 3" morel tweeters
2 9" morel midrange
1 10" blaunket 2" deep subwoofer
3 250watt zapp amps.
sealed boxes for the speakers to be in.
the steering wheel controls still work with the new radio.
Only problem is I can't see the lcd on the face in the sunshine.
Guess we will change the face out. (panasonic)
and the XM. they left the antenna under the dash and it works fine so far. and not seen. been all over NE oklahoma and NW arkansas. never a problem with reception. :cool :seeya

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Reminds me of our 02 Vette...white exterior/torch red interior. Once I sat in the red interior for 2 years...I got addicted to the color. I find my self buying everything in red. I grows on you fast!
They did a great job.
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