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Well I guess this is suppose to be the new incentive to purchase. Just saw it on the news also. It is suppose to apply to both 05's and 06's.

"GM to offer Red Tag Event
Posted Nov 11, 2005, 10:00 PM ET by Eric Bryant
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GM’s Total Value Promise will be enjoying its last weekend in existence, as Automotive News states that the automaker will kick off a “Red Tag Event” on Monday. This offer will allow customers to combine rebates with GMS (supplier) pricing + $100. Without rebates, that price is about 2% higher than the employee pricing that was recently offered. The big news here is that the offer applies to 2006 models, as well as remaining 2005 models. GM had previously claimed that the Total Value Promise pricing would run for at least 90 days; its end now comes after only 45 days. The new promo is said to run through January 3rd to cover the end-of-the-year car buying season."

Will this help sell more 06's and give better deals on 05's?
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