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Discussion Starter · #1 · - ChevyMall web site still works - but when I went to this site, all it did was to have me register - no online catalog. The catalog looks like the one sent from ChevyMall...
ELKHART -- Moments after Donald Trump uttered those famous words "You're fired!" on NBC's "The Apprentice" Thursday night, viewers were invited to go online and register to be one of the first 1,000 to own the new Pontiac Solstice, the vehicle at the center of the episode.

At the time viewers were signing up for their chance to buy the car, there was a link to purchase "Solstice logo merchandise" at

That link was to Burston Marketing of Elkhart, which General Motors chose to be its official source for Solstice logo merchandise.

"We are expecting a lot of online activity tonight just after the show," predicted Tom Stout, president and owner of Burston Marketing, on Thursday. "We are expecting thousands of hits ... and orders, too," Stout said, hours after his new Web site was up and running.

Stout was excited about his latest agreement with GM, which he reached about a month ago.

"This is now our fourth catalog program that GM has awarded us -- HUMMER, Chevy SSR, the new Corvette C6 and now the Pontiac Solstice," Stout said.

"During an average month we receive 2.1 million hits on our Web sites," said Stout. These include and

The initial Solstice merchandise includes T-shirts, caps, jackets, sweaters, watches, die-cast cars and a crystal with a three-dimensional Solstice inside. He'll have a printed catalog later in the year.

On this week's task, Apprentice candidates created a promotional brochure for Pontiac's new Solstice roadster. Armed with top-notch photographers, graphic artists and models, each team designed and printed brochures before presenting their finished product to Pontiac executives. Trump also announced the winner of this season's "Apprentice" will receive his or her own Solstice.

Meanwhile, GM, which paid to have its new car featured on the show, has designed an interesting method to help kick off an early order program.

The first 1,000 cars will have serial numbers 1 through 1,000, exclusive badging and a certificate of authenticity. They will be available on a first-come, first-served order basis only during this exclusive early order program at participating Pontiac dealers.

To gain the opportunity to score one of the first 1,000 Solstices, customers must visit to complete an online registration form that includes a unique identification number. Qualified buyers can bring their registration form to participating dealers nationwide today.

If the first 1,000 units are already sold, the customer can choose to be placed on a waiting list, or simply place a regular Solstice order through the dealership. The early order program will conclude on April 24.

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Come on down ...

They even let us "NORTH" north Americans play. "win a Solstice" Off A Canadian site the Canadian price looks right ..... Grand Prize consists of one (1) 2005 Pontiac Solstice Convertible Coupe (2MB67) for the winner, approximate retail value/MSRP $25,695, including destination/freight charges. Colour, accessories, and other specifics of the prize will be at GMCL's sole discretion. Manufacturer's warranty applies to the Grand Prize.

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Let the Price Gouging Begin!

Let's see how long it takes for the greedy GM stealerships to start charging over sticker on the new Pontiac Solstice. Much like the scenario when the 2003 SSR's arrived at the dealers. You'd think they would have learned their lesson from that experience but I somehow don't think they did. GM stock hit a 17 yr. low ($26) Friday afternoon and GM's president, Rick Wagoner, even uttered "the possibility of bankruptcy looms". GM needs all the sales it can generate so let's hope the Pontiac dealers sell the Solstice at sticker and not some inflated "added dealer markup" to the GM MSRP base price of $19,995 for this car. As the old Thoni gas stations used to advertise: "profit small, volume great, that's the way we operate". It will be interesting to watch and see how the GM dealers handle this .

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You're being an optimist, today!!!!

I don't think some of these dealers will ever get it - way more interested in short term greed than in long term relationships. Some of it is also consumers looking at an opportunity to make a quick buck off someone else's

It's happened with virtually every new, desireable vehicle. I remember a friend selling his confirmed production slot for a very early Acura NSX for 25K. It happened to the Miata, the PT Cruiser, BMW Z3, Hummer H2 and so many others.

The best thing that could happen to these dealers would be for GM to react to complaints, and decrease or shut off their allocation of desirable products until the initial surge is over with.

One scenario to control it would be to have customers who were forced to pay a premium for any vehicle forward their documents to GM, Chrysler, Ford etc, and have the manufacturer deduct the excess from that dealer's holdbacks, etc, and return that amount to the customer - wouldn't that open up an entertaining can of worms.


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Saturn SKY

Don't forget Saturn has the SKY coming out in q1 06. It is very similar, different grille, headlights comes std with more options. Looked at it today at the Dallas auto show (Im travellin this weekend). I liked the Satun better, sharper lines. Our friend the SSR was being shown in Aqua blue. Surrounded by salespeople who did not know much about it, had no literature to pass out. Quite a few people were sitting in it. Toyota was running one of those deals where the last one standing while touching the car wins it. They were down to 5 people still touching the car, they had been there 70 hours. HEHA
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