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The Chevy HHR.

Want an SSR with 4 doors and cargo space?
Here is a design inspired by SSR and the Suburban.
Maybe produced in 2005 (which means you could get one in 2007 :confused )

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. - General Motors Corp., coming off a makeover of the upscale Cadillac line, will add nine new vehicles to its high-volume Chevrolet brand in the next few years, including a crossover vehicle unveiled Thursday.

The high-roofed crossover, code named HHR, is scheduled for the 2006 model year and will be targeted to young families, said Gary Cowger, president of GM North America.

Speaking at an automotive seminar in this northern Michigan city, Cowger said the design of the HHR is a blend of Chevy's upcoming SSR roadster and the 1949 Suburban.

The product offensive at Chevrolet is not unlike GM's aggressive retooling of Cadillac in the past couple of years, an estimated $4 billion endeavor for the world's largest automaker.

"When you couple this Chevy renaissance with what we're doing at Cadillac, we've got the bookends covered — the flagship and the foundational brand at GM," Cowger said.

GM hopes the four-cylinder, five-seat HHR and the other new vehicles will boost Chevy's annual sales to 3 million a year. Chevrolet, which accounts for more than 50 percent of GM's annual volume, sold 2.6 million vehicles last year.

Cowger said GM hasn't determined pricing or production levels for the HHR, but annual output will be significantly more than the 10,000 to 15,000 level planned for SSR, which is in early production.

GM also hasn't determined where the HHR will be built, but it will be produced on a modified passenger car platform.

Crossover vehicles, which typically have characteristics of a car, minivan and sport utility vehicle, were the fastest growing category among U.S. autos last year. They include entries such as the Honda Element, Chrysler Pacifica and Toyota RAV4.

Mike Wall, an analyst with CSM Worldwide, said the HHR signals GM's continuing effort to enhance products other than high-profit trucks and SUVs, the company's focus for the past several years.

Wall said the HHR could appeal to drivers who like the styling of Chrysler's PT Cruiser but are interested in a bit more functionality. Cowger said the HHR will be bigger than the PT Cruiser.

"It's pretty obvious GM is refocusing on the car and trying to generate more interest in the Chevy brand, which is really the workhorse of its lineup," Wall said.


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Just read the story in my local paper.

Photo wasn't included - thanks looking for posting that!

Found this at
Though some competing 2004 models have been on sale for a while, the SSRs that began production at GM’s Lansing, Mich., Craft Centre in mid-July and will soon filter into dealerships are 2003 models. This is because the Signature Series began production in December 2002. They would have had to begin production in 2003 to be called 2004 models. Chevy dealers pressed for a limited run to ensure that the first model year is more collectible. The current batch of 2003 SSRs will number roughly 3,500 units before production switches over to 2004 models in November. Chevy plans to build 14,000 to 15,000 units annually starting in 2004.

Getting closer everday - can't wait to drive mine home!!!

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That would have been really cool if they made it like the original Blazer so the top was removable & 2 door instead of 4. 0:)

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They actually made an SSR four door SUV, I guess you would call it.

Never went into production.

Well, not entirely true. Since the SSR is built on the Trailblazer frame and shares a ton of parts from it, during the design and testing they used Trailblazers as test vehicles for the SSR design and build. What you see there is a group of Trailblazers that are being used to test fit parts and operation of SSR components.

That would have been really cool if they made it like the original Blazer so the top was removable & 2 door instead of 4. 0:)
I kind of agree I think that if I ever run across a really cheap SSR with a bad roof I would just hack it up and turn it into a delivery type vehicle. Just build a metal topper for the back and integrate it into the roof, take out all the hydraulics and call it a day. I think having the SSR style with a large enclosed trunk area at cab high all the way back would be very cool........

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