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I'm considering putting New wheels on my SSR, and the choices of rims are limited! My question is: Do you think that a 20" 8.5" rim is too big in the front?
Stock front's are 19" by 8". I don't mind getting new tires, I just don't want to get the wrong size and have it not work!!
Anyone using 20" fronts now???


Call your local Pro

I usually call my buddy at Discount Tire, they,ll know or will call to see if there is clearance. They also quoted 185 per wheel for Chrome factory rims from CA.
He stated it maytake till the middle of April.

black chrome wheels

Placed black Zinik 20's on front and 22 on back. Looks great and fits fine on the Smokin asphalt. SSR is being detailed with Saleen purple flames and black out of chrome. Will post pics when complete. Also placed XM in ash tray box, custom fitted with remote control. Can be totally hidden by closing tray. Eclipse radio/DVD/CD/Navigation unit replaces stock radio with perfect fit.

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American Racing Wheels SSR

American Racing Wheels Black SSR has some you may be interested in:
Dont have much info, but they have a website.


Wheel Name: RT-S Series 311
20x8.5: 31128556

22x9.5: 31122956


20x8.5: 61128556

22x9.5: 6112295

I guess your supposed to contact a local dealer for them - but they looked great.
Newly released for the SSR. Just putting it out there, had many asking me about them.
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