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new wheels

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22x8.5 & 22x10 Colorado Customs
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bit the bullett...

and ordered the Boyd's and lowering kit. Should be a big $3k plus bill but worth it when it's done. Will be about a month for the Boyd's to get here. Will send photo's when that happens!
new wheels...

this is Barb and we ended up (after months of agonizing over not very good photos and calling/e-mailing/talking to as many people as we could) ordering a set of Renegades. Of course no one can even show us what one looks like in person! Boyd doesn't have showrooms! Most of the wheel folks don't plan to even address the 19" issue - just hope something we like better doesn't show up soon! We will do the lowering at the same time.

We didn't want to change the bolt pattern or wheel size and start messing with all the related problems and it didn't make sense to have to buy two new tires and not get anything back on the new 19" ones. The only problem we had to address was the offset issue and Boyd was aware of that. The lowering kit has something with it also to take care of some wheel wear problems too. You know the drill-mess with one thing and you've got a mess that just multiplies!
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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