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New York City SSR

I am out in Stamford Connecticut visiting my son this week. Yesterday we decided to take the 40 min. train trip into NY city. Were walking out of Grand Central Station at 42nd Street turn the corner at Times Square and what do I see but a Yellow SSR Indy Pace Car. Had to stop and get some pictures talked to the owners who were on tour wth their Indy race car. They hadn't heard of the Fanatic Web site or the WindsuppreSSR for that matter So I told them to check them out. They had just come from Michigan came through the snow storm in Pennsylvania said they had a hard time controlling the SSR doesn't surprise me those mountains are rough going in the snow.


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Where's the snow??

Consider yourself lucky. I live about 15 miles away, (Pound Ridge, NY) and we got 6-7 ". Seems like the deciding factor was how close to the coast you were.
My SSR is still in the garage, and will be for quite a while it seems. There is so much salt and sand on the roads still that it will take a monsoon to wash it away. And more snow is in the forecasts.
That was a great surprise in NYC.
Hope you are enjoying the visit.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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