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The people on this Forum are absolutely great. All of your advice and welcomes are much appreciated and want to thank each and everyone of you!! I attempted to PM some of you with specific thanks, but found out that I cannot PM until I have made 15 posts.

Monday, we found a Slingshot Yellow California car that had 2 owners and 12,600 miles. Has the OEM tires so they are being changed by Saturday. Next, getting all of the fluids (including thermostat and pressure cap) changed plus the serpentine and A/C belts. Drove it 68 miles to get home and the tires made it, but sitting until all of the above are accomplished. All electrical and mechanical seems to work as advertised. Definitely need to replace the struts on the tonneau since it will not stay up. The inside of the bed looks like it has never had anything in it, except may something soft since there are no marks or scratches.

Outside of the above mentioned remedies, what might come to mind that I need to replace even though it may not as yet show signs of too much wear, just to be ahead of the game? Would appreciate any insights you would like to share from your experiences.

Again, my sincere thanks to each of you for your willingness to chime in with your help on the purchase. Looking forward to your future advice and counsel.

Cheers, Gib
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