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Picked up an '05 Black 6-Speed (All options) Yesterday.

Only problem was it had snowed night before so all I did was drive from dealer home and in the garage :(

Hopefully weather will cooperate this week so I can get some seat-time :) Now that I think about it -- this is my new daily driver so sun, rain, snow it will get driven :)

BTW...My other TOY is Magunson S/C '99 Vette :)

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George, That is a wonderful motor picture ,I love the CHROME. Do you know where I can get my wheels chrome ?? The SSR I am looking to buy are painted silver :seeya

are you waiting on Magunson also for this Toy? I am don't want to rush them though want it right. this 05 is not far behind my 03 which has Magunson s/c on it as far as power. I have heard that GM put a program in on the automatics to keep them from their full potencial on low end acceleration for the first 4 to 5000 mi. To protect tranny and break it in. they do on the vetts any way started in 04 I think. couple of buddies were worried about this, sure enough at 4300 mi it turned loose and he is very happy now. :thumbs
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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