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Newest of the New SSR Owners - well almost..

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Unreal is all I can say. The dealer had promised to have my SSR in detailed gassed up and ready to go today.
As part of the dealer trade, they sent a guy to go drive it back. They say it ran out of gas on the freeway and now they can't get it started so they need to put it on a flatbed and get the shop to look at it in the morning.
I'm so pissed right now I may just let them keep it.

The Artful Dodger
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I have never had one purchase that hasn't had some kind of "faux pas" occur.
Either too much wait time, prep time, missing something, re negotiations, lots of weird stuff..........

You have her in yer hands!!! Let the dealer make you happy.........sounds like you have a dealer who is willing to make things right........Enjoy her today, and let em do their job tomorrow :) Its a clear sunny day on the 405, get her out there with the Top Down!!!

At the risk of starting another "color" thread :eek .......what Color???

:cheers CONGRATS!!! :party
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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