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Niagara Area get together....anyone interested??

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SO, I was asked by 2 new R owners, not Forum members why can't we (a small group) do a cruise like the several our Corvette gang has done so far this season. Last ime out 2 weeks ago we had 9 covettes and did the Niagara River parkway doing up river from Niagara on the Lake to Fort Erie. Several stops are made for scenic photo shoots, P stop sometimes at Tims in Chippawa, several pull overs for catch ups, once a Wine Store stop off and then finally lunch or dinner at the end. We have a few places that have taken our group for indoor dining now our limitation has eased a bit. This is still under debate as Doug Ford just pushed back the group requirements but a call to make reservations can be made once we have head count. I have five trucks committed so far. During August and September we use to do take out, park an equal car apart and get the lawn chairs out.
All legal with masks and the rest of the covid regalia. Well Barry this is kind of an agenda and hopefully you and a few Northerers can join us. If you like looking at big monster homes and properties along the river and going past the Falls you'll really enjoy it. I've done this with corvette groups many many times over the years. This is my backyard.
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Thanks for your interest. Since this is deemed Non Essential I dont think the Border will allow entry. I know we cant enter US.
We have 5 confirmed so far. Would you believe 4 are yellow.
Stay tuned as we progress further.
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I’m near Peterborough depending on the date I would be interested. I am new to the forum and would be interested in meeting members/owners
In the Niagara area there are about a dozen owners I've met and know. Same could be true for your area. Your welcome to contact me for more details. It's a drive but lots going on down here . Hilton Garden Inn and White Oaks resort are across the street from our meet up spot..Niagara Outlet Mall.
I would be interested
Text me your number to mine and I'll call you back with more specifics. Long range weather forecast is calling for Sunny on the upcoming weekend. Great. Tom 905-941-1319
I live just outside of Niagara Falls USA. I would like to join in with the gathering but unfortunately I cannot cross the boarder during our COVID-19. :(
Hi Marc,
We were looking for you last year. Doug said you were coming to NOTL show.
Not good for our close US fanatics right now with Covid. Thinking about another run in Spring-early summer when this hopefully is over. Several have indicated this would be a wonderful outing minus Covid concerns.
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Hi, your welcome to join us Sunday. A few have decided to postpone until next year for obvious Covid issues and for the few who still show this can be a test run for next time. Basically a drive along small group outing we have done several times this summer. Text me your contact info for more specifics. Tom ...905-941-1319
Nice day for a Covid Cruze before our season ends and we put some away at month end. Lots of Niagara Landmarks evident in a few of these photos. Other forum attendee Gary (halfacoach) may add some of his. John and Harley are not Forum members..yet.
This was as close as we get to our US friends with Buffalo in the background

South of Chippawa on the River

No Spray today approaching the FALLS
The BROCK MONUMENT in the background..there is only 1

CorvetteGeorge wasnt with us today but we stopped in front of his famous Show
That's a lot of Doophus going on with a dash of Blur highlights. Tourists just loved it.
We were lucky to get 5 spots.
Harleys impressive engine bay.​
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Harley just thanked me too. Great outing, loved it. I didnt post pic of the Floral Clock or Lower Niagara next to Jet boat dock. Did you get any.
I like the wheels on this yello R can anybody give me any idea what they are off of and size..thanks
I'm going to guesstimate what owner told me a few yrs ago. Non forum member. He started with 4 Trailblazar rims, I believe 17" and reconfigured the centers. He is in the commercial truck tire business and wanted all 4 the same. Blasted and powdercoated and fitted with early Chev hubcaps fastened with some kind of clip attachment with a generic trim ring. He has a very nice engine compartment and a fiberglass CHEVROLET tailgate too.
Tom, hope you are doing well.
I mistakenly assumed SSR events were on hold until post COVID and haven’t been checking the forum...sounds like I missed a good one. I’ve sibscribed to this thread and look forward to hearing there will be a repeat(s) in 2021!
WN, Doing well. Thx. Haven't been on in awhile. In our last outing with 3 slingshots and 1 blur, we mutually agreed to meet again for a SPRING RUN basically along the same route, all being well of course over the winter season. BTW 3 more slingshots, and 2 redline and 1 asphalt promised to show up next time after Covid induced family precautions caused them to pass up the FALL RUN. Stay tuned.
Keep me posted! The Niagara Parkway used to be my favourite top down run in my ‘69 tri-power Vette...back in the 70’s! 😲It’ll be just as much fun in a group of Rs! Looking forward to it! Be well everybody!
Well our little group of corvette owners have been out several times in the past few months doing cruises in the Niagara Peninsula without issues Covid related. With Labour Day fast approaching, I wonder if we can get a group together of R owners and do a repeat of our Fall Run from last year. See pics above. I have phone numbers of some respondents but several new owners not knowing/being aware may want to join in. Ideal is mid week with a start time of 10:00 or so to our lunch dinner stop between 2-3:00. Doing mid gives us the option to move a day or so either way in case weather becomes an issue and the tourist crowd is smaller. Another nice run we do is Port Colborne marina to Dunnvile and back. Let's see what the response is.
What day are you thinking?
Looks like we are now shooting for a Fall date in later Sept. I'm in contact weekly with 3 R owners on a regular basis and we are all needing a window of nice weather mid week that allows us to move the date back a day in case of rain. You and Barry are the furthest away so I'll give you call a few days in advance to let you know. This makes a group of 6 unless some new fanatics want to join. We just had a big car show 300+ cars and trucks this weekend so things are starting to open up again. Good thing.
Hi Bill,
Enjoying your interest. Glad to see Gary answered your question. There are 4 R owners in Niagara that are willing to go for a cruise with a days notice. This section gets passed over a lot and I generally call or text each of us that are close within a hours drive of Niagara to cruise the river as is posted elsewhere here. Send me contact info and I'll put you on the list.
As soon as the roads clear up mid April maybe we can do do something. Cheers//Tom
Ok keep me posted. I have part time work (2-3 days a week) but always off Fri. Sat. Sun. I can feel that steering wheel in my hands already.
OK Bill, good to know. I see from your profile your in Hamilton. So is Halfacoach-Gary. I have his number and we stay in touch re: cruises. The 3 other R cruisers in our group are non forum members and they want to go ASAP. We prefer Thursday in case rain comes so we can move to Friday. Retired guys like weekdays. Thinking about Mid April. We went out 2 times last year and 2 times in 2021.
Well I got the LastBlur out of storage and been driving it a few days. Thinking about a get together 1st week into May shooting for the 5th around 9:00 meeting same place as last time. There are the same attendees confirming appearance same as last time as of last week. For the fence sitters who have been following along, here is your chance. This can be fine tuned over the next week or so but just want to put it out there something is going to happen. Let's see who responds and I'll start to put an agenda together. For anything more specific you can text me @905-941-1319
Please keep me posted. I’m a long distance (four hr drive) fence sitter, but interested in a Niagara R adventure. Probably not May 5 as our first local Wings and Wheels Wednesday is the night before and I’m involved. Tom, can you review a typical Niagara R Cruise for my benefit please?
An update on the Niagara cruise for May 5. Weather forecast calls for sunny Thursday and Friday. Great. Our plan is to meet 9 to 930 at Niagara outlet mall beside McDonald’s parking lot on the east end of the shopping center. Have confirmed 3 R owners from our area so far. Hope for a few more. 👌😊
well...did you go?--what no pics?
Car Vehicle Hood Motor vehicle Automotive lighting

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Sky

well...did you go?--what no pics?
Here you go Gary. We were waiting for 2 more to show up. Check out Harleys new Bling added since last time. Impressive! Gorgeous day and we ended up at the Barrel. Next time we’re going to Port Colborne to Port Dover. 3 people all had last minute Doctors appointments Hmmm🤔
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Just getting back to the forum. Have a sister who is needing a lot of care, she is moving into long term care in early June and my time will be more easily managed. For now I make it out to the Niagara Gateway at Casablanca Blvd. off the Quick Easy Way on Tues. evenings. We can get to the Seaway Mall in Welland on Fri. eves if anyone is interested, there is a Swiss Chalet- Harvey's there also a food court in the Mall. Once my sister is in a more liveable situation we will be more available of course never in the rain, this ride is too sweet for that.
Just so you know, there is No More Seaway Mall Cruise. It got moved to downtown Thorold on Front St. every Friday night. Here I am parked between some of my Corvette buds who were disappointed I came with the Last Blur instead of my old Corvette. Great turnout and location for there 1st outing. Stay safe and well.


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I'm finally able to get to the laptop and get this message. Thanks Tom, we would have gone to the Mall and wondered what was up. We will try, in the next while, to get to Thorold on Front St. As the summer wears on maybe an NOTL ride.
Be Good and Be Careful.
I'm finally able to get to the laptop and get this message. Thanks Tom, we would have gone to the Mall and wondered what was up. We will try, in the next while, to get to Thorold on Front St. As the summer wears on maybe an NOTL ride.
Be Good and Be Careful.
Went Port Colborne Cruze tonight and parked next to some good company. Calling for rain Friday so doing Thorold doesn’t look good. Thinking of doing a June cruise from Port Colborne to Dunnvile???
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