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I have been thoroughly enjoying these twisty roads up here in Pittsburgh (Murreysville) this weekend but have noticed two things while having fun driving my truck. The hinge bolts on the flipper door have left two nicks on either side of the top (the roof part) . When the flipper door comes down to close on the top in the down position, those bolts make just enough contact to go through the paint and into the bare metal. The second thing I noticed since I come from a fairly flat area, is that when I punch it from a stop sign on a hill to get up to speed, there is quite a pause and then the tranny kicks in, sometimes pausing twice during acceleration. Hope I have not messed up the tranny already! Any thoughts? I figure it is because of all these steep grades I don't normally drive on and the tranny is shifting into lower gear to accomodate. Heading back to VB Monday. :D

I had the exact same nicks in mine. Took it back to the dealer for my 3K check-up and pointed that out to them. They readjusted the doors to the roof and repainted the roof with the nicks in it. I don't have anything hitting or touching now and no nicking. I also don't have the rattles of the arms inside the cab like I used to. But I am not cmpletely happy with what they did and want to take it back again soon.
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