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My neighbor is a car wholesaler. He has nine SSR's for sale. They are all on his wholesale lot right now. I know it sounds like alot but because he is a wholesaler he buys and sells alot of cars. He is a very honest, and trustworthy person to work with. We were outside talking today and he said if I can find him any buyers that he will give me a small commission. Hey, I'm an entrepreneur myself so I couldn't help but to take him up on the offer.

They are all 2003 and the colors are red, yellow, and black. I asked him what he wants for them and he said somewhere in the $55,000 range. Now of course he has nine of them and being a wholesaler I know sometimes he will sell for a small profit so if that number is not exactly where you want it to be, it never hurts to make an offer. After all, he sells his inventory to car dealers so it actually could work out to be a good deal for you to buy from him.

I'm not extremely knowlegeable about cars. So here's what I thought you guys/girls could do if you're interested. Email me the specifications of the exact SSR that you are looking for. Include your name and a number that he can call you at. I will give him the info. and he will take it from there. You could include a price range too if you only want him to call you if he can meet your price expectations. Have a good day.


My email address is [email protected]
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