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Nite Lites

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There are small yellowish lites that stay on when the headlights are on. They are located on the underside of the rearview mirror. Is this normal, or can they be turned off??? I don't seem to be able to figure it out myself. :confused
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Movin' On said:
David and others,

I don't often write unless I have something truly informational to write. But, I've been going through the board for well over an hour now.

I have read 11 posts in this thread and feel as though I've wasted my time.

It's 11:10 pm. I've worked another 10 hours today and am tired. 60 hours this week. I make it a habit to read all new posts every weekend. Now it takes me 2-3 hours, it seems.

I feel I am wasting time listening to people (who I feel are too sensitive anyway) complaining, and others apologizing for offending, back and forth, back and forth, and it is a waste.

We need a separate forum for people who just want to chat. I came here (stumbled here during a google search) some time ago. Now it seems there is little worthwhile and too much nonsense.

Now I guess I need to apologize for expressing my thoughts??!! :confused :confused
In your opinion, what are these forums for? Are people not supposed to "chat" on this forum? Is it tech information only? I'm a member on several forums and there are thousands of posts on them daily. You wouldn't be able to keep up anywhere else.

Also what's the point about how long you work. I think most people here work everyday, trust me you're not the only one that works long hours.

Do you want the forum to quit talking so you don't have as much reading to do?

Sorry I'm still a little bit confused myself, as I'm new here, but I have never had this much of a problem figuring out the politics of a forum like I have had here.
I don't think I did....

Movin' On said:
My point was that a question was asked by a member.
That was answered by 2 people (within 7 or 8 minutes I might add.)
The next 8 or so posts really had nothing to do with the issue and seem pointless to me.
Time is valuable. I'm not complaining about how long I work.
Here we go. Now I'm answering this which is not relevant to the topic.
I see what you are saying about the two different members answering the question. Where I have a problem is when someone comes in and instead of answering the question, they have to be a smart ass and tell them to USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION, or even better yet READ YOUR OWNERS MANUAL. Hell why should anyone here even type anything at all then? Let's all just come here and use the search function, and not talk to each other at all.
I know this isn't relevant to the topic, but your original post wasn't either.

houtex said:
Where's it say we have to stay on the topic? This has been a fun, helpful and spirited forum with very few "flamers" - If the thread bores you, ignore it and jump to the next one.... but don't get your knickers in a knot - life's too short.. (all that work, ya know)... ;)

I think Movin On has to read every sentence in every post ever put on here.
1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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