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No Charge

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Yes, believe it or not.
After my incident with the pot hole and blown tire. My dealewr worked with me very well. When they called me this morning I was chringing to here the damages ($$$$$), but to my suprise the dealer told me no charge :thumbs :cheers . They appreciated the input on the place to get a tire for less than the place they usually deal with.
I gave them a much appreciative hand shake and a big thank you :grouphug . Told them I'll be in a few months for the oil change :cool .
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pot hole

Yes I did.

Of course the guy I needed to talk to had already left for the day, so I had left a message with some details and a number to call me to discuss what they would do for me.
The Secretary that I spoke with breifly, said " they don't usually pay for tire damge due to pot holes, because the city is very good at filling them."
So far the fella I left a message with to call me back has not yet returned my call.

I've been busy today taking the kids to school, getting the oil chaged on one of the other vehicles, picking up the tire for the SSR, installing it back on the SSR, finishing the installation of my brothers fire place, speaking with an attourney general about an estate dispute over another vehicle I'd done some work on (the gentleman past away in a car crash. wife and ex wife fighting it out), met with a buddy to go up to Rich Bickles race shop to look over a 1940 Ford he wants reworked and painted, went to the meat market to pick up my venison sauge that is finally done, stopped at another shop I help out painting cars for to make sure everything was well with the 72 El camino SS I painted last night (still looked beautiful), was going to pick up some parts for another buddy, but the hood wouldn't fit in the SSR (have to get them Saturday), came home had dinner at 6 pm and sat down to look at this site, so I didn't get time to call him back either.
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Extra 3 Minutes

My extra three minutes are usually taken up by kissing the kids goodnight, and bringing in my two boys (husky-rottwieler mixed dogs) for the night. They need there nightly ear scratching and a little body rub before they go to bed.
Then it's my turn to sit down and look at the SSR site.
I usually have 18 -20 hour days depending on when things need to be done. Any more than 4 hours of sleep and I can be a bit grouchy. I figure i'll get enough rest when they plant me 6 ft down. In the mean time, do as much as I can while I can.
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