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No Charge

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Yes, believe it or not.
After my incident with the pot hole and blown tire. My dealewr worked with me very well. When they called me this morning I was chringing to here the damages ($$$$$), but to my suprise the dealer told me no charge :thumbs :cheers . They appreciated the input on the place to get a tire for less than the place they usually deal with.
I gave them a much appreciative hand shake and a big thank you :grouphug . Told them I'll be in a few months for the oil change :cool .
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WoW... Great Service!

Hey Fuzzy,

I am very happy that you were able to get that covered by your dealer. They certainly went all out for you! :thumbs I wonder if you ever phoned in that pot-hole to your local government agency? I would be curious to know what they said.
WOW busy guy!

FUZZY said:
Yes I did. Of course the guy I needed to talk to had already left for the day, so I had left a message with some details and a number to call me to discuss what they would do for me.

The Secretary that I spoke with briefly, said " they don't usually pay for tire damage due to pot holes, because the city is very good at filling them."
So far the fella I left a message with to call me back has not yet returned my call.
Some factual inside information from me... in western area of NY where I am from, if a pot-hole has been reported and not fixed by the time you hit it, the municipality will pay for the damages.

Since you already have it covered you might not want to press the issue. However it would be very interesting to find out how they will respond to your request. I believe that every town, city and state have their own policy regarding damages incurred because of unsafe street and highway conditions.

I hope that your weekend will be a whole lot easier on you than today was!
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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